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The Robot Needs to Die

My daughters and I like to make up stories. We always have, since they were toddlers. Now they (twins) are fifteen. We’ve slowed down on the storytelling, but not stopped. The other day, I was making up a story for my daughter Grace.

The story was set in the future, year 3047. The characters were a young adult girl named Grace (natch) who is a radio DJ/music teacher and her robot best friend, Ben. The drama was minimal, but the story engaging enough to keep her attention.

Or so I thought.

Grace was smiling at the end of the story. “Did you like it?” I asked, a little impressed that my storytelling skills were still intact after all these years.

Her smile faded a little. “Yes,” she said, “but…nothing bad happened.”

“Sure, it did,” I said, trying to remember. “The robot got sick and threw up. Grace took him to the hospital, remember?”

Grace tapped her chin with her hand for a moment, considering. Verdict decided, she looked up at me and said, “It’s not enough. It needs something really tragic. Something horrible.”

“Like what? A death or something?”

“Yes,” she said, “the robot needs to die.”

She was right, of course. My story was mild, one you might tell a young child. But Grace is fifteen. She’s old enough to know that life isn’t a cake walk. She expects a story that punches you in the gut a little. Otherwise it’s just not interesting. If there’s no rain, you don’t appreciate the sunshine.

But for me, sometimes I want a mild, happy story. There’s only so much gut punching I can take, and at my age, I get enough of that in real life. For example, this past week was gloomy. Some financial decisions, a family squabble, a death. All were unrelated, yet worked together to steal my peace. Interesting? Yes. Entertaining? Maybe. If it had been in a book.

You’re thinking, it probably was a crappy week for sewing quilts, then, right? Wrong! 😊 It was pretty productive, actually. Nothing wrong with a little quilting therapy to take your mind off how to write a robot homicide.

So – sunshine was needed, and sunshine is what I made. I finished piecing my “Better Beginnings” quilt, hooray! Here’s the result:

I did yellow borders, which made it super sunny! A perfect pick me up.

All those points were pretty challenging, as it turned out. It makes for some tricky, thick seams. The fabric is Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis Textiles for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Cute quilt, though – perfect beginner project – it could be a baby quilt, table topper, wall hanging. I’m going to work up the pattern directions soon.

As you can see, I haven’t quilted it yet – I’ve got another quilt on my  longarm right now. Better Beginnings is small enough to quilt on my domestic size machine, but I really like the doodle-loops I can do with the longarm. My little machine can do free motion quilting, but not well, so I’ll wait till I can get it to the big machine.

In other news, I’ve also been working on this quilt, which I love, love, love! The pattern is Baby Blocks by Missouri Star Quilt Company, here’s a link: There’s also a fun video tutorial – I use their iPad app for tutorials, but you can also find it on YouTube:

I fabric I am using is Happy Day by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake, and Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman for the white. It is exactly what MSQC uses in their video. I just love the happy colors. The picture here is just one block – it could easily be a baby quilt (hence the name), but I am going whole-hog on this one! I am making nine blocks for a king size quilt for my hubby and me. 😊

Have a sunny day! And please remember to be kind to any robots you see, because, well – you just never know if you’ll see them again.

















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