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Magical Bed Making

Are you feeling a bit out of control? Stressed? Overwhelmed? If so, I have a super-fast, no-fail solution for you.

Make your bed.


You will instantly feel more in control of your life. You will feel powerful, confident, organized. Dare I say? Grown-up. All from making the bed.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I didn’t either. I wasn’t raised to be a daily bed-maker. Getting up, dressed, and out the door on time was more important to my mom when I was growing up. We aren’t morning people, for a fact. Ten minutes late is considered perfectly punctual in my family tree. Taking extra time just to tidy up the bed? Ridiculous.

It makes sense, then, that when my mom told me about the magic of making the bed several years ago, I was skeptical. But she swore by it. Her husband, my stepfather, had clued her in. His mother had insisted that he make his bed before breakfast each morning, a habit that he maintains now, at age ninety.

“It seems silly, I know,” mom said, “but try it. You feel like the whole house is clean and in order, just by making the bed.”

I tried it. She was right!

It is crazy how good it makes you feel. You make the bed, and forget about it. Then, after work when you come in to change your clothes before you make dinner, BAM! You walk into an orderly space. Like a fresh hotel room. Pillows are arranged, blankets folded neatly at the foot, robes lovingly draped over the footboard. You feel so…pampered. As if someone loves you and has gently cared for your things while you’ve been gone.

That someone is you!

You have given yourself a gift. A gift of kindness that you didn’t even know you needed. You feel powerful, as if you are a mood lifting superhero. You feel organized, in control, ready to tackle some homework and maybe make mac n’ cheese from scratch instead of from the box.

Notice that I only said “make the bed,” not, “clean the room.” One of the fun things about this bed magic is that it takes your mind off what isn’t done. So what if there’s an inch of dust on your dresser, and the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed in two weeks? You won’t notice it – and hence, won’t feel guilty about it – if you make the bed.

And if that comfy bed is covered in a handmade quilt, you will feel extra special loved.

I find it fascinating that quilters usually start the hobby by making a quilt for someone else. I get it – it’s a lot of work, and you want to dedicate that work to someone you love. My first quilt (the Never-ending Nine Patch – read more about it here) was made for my daughter Emma. It was important for me to complete it because I had started her a granny square afghan, years earlier, that I never finished.

I started that afghan when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age eight.

I worked on it through the endless doctor’s appointments, a horrifying surgery, and a long recovery. It gave my hands something to do to keep my heart from breaking. Once she was well again, though, I lost interest in it. I suppose those small squares hold a lot of hard memories.

At any rate, that first quilt was hers. She will have it forever to keep her cozy and remember her mama. My second quilt, then, had to be for her sister, Grace. Gotta level the sibling playing field, right? Grace and I chose a quilt from a magazine that looked easy.

It looked easy. But it was not! I learned so much from that second quilt. I will do a blog post about it soon, because the lessons learned were important to share. But for now, I will close with a picture of the finished product and a reminder that you should make your bed every day as an act of love for yourself. And make quilts for your loved ones, to send your bed magic out into the world.

Peace. And thanks for all the love, mom. 🙂










4 thoughts on “Magical Bed Making”

  1. Totally agree on the bed making Stacey! Larry and I have a policy–whoever gets out of bed last, has to make it! So it gets made. But after 42 years married, he just told me he doesn’t make the bed when I’m out of town (usually visiting our kids)!! –And– I make most my quilts for family. Just finished a gray and white baby quilt for a new grandson born last week. Love you fun posts!

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