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To Boldly Go

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I discovered the original Star Trek television series on Netflix. The episodes have been “remastered” and they are beautiful! The colors are as vibrant and clear as if they had been recorded in High Definition, which of course, did not exist in 1966 when the series began filming.

We have since been sitting around after dinner in the evenings, watching the show with our girls. I had forgotten how good it is. I first watched the original series about forty years ago, with my cousin John who was obsessed – obsessed, I tell you! – with Star Trek. We were six or seven, and were watching it as reruns around 1975, maybe 1976. I remember being a little bored with it at first, but John LOVED it. He was always a little ahead of his time.

After finishing those original episodes, John went on to read, watch, and purchase everything he could about Star Trek. As always, he took me (and my sis Anna) along the sci-fi road with him. We had comics, action figures, books, episode books with the series still photos, technical manuals, models of the Enterprise. We even had the Star Trek cookbook. (Uhura’s cookie recipe is exceptional).

If I hadn’t had John (who was more brother than cousin), I wonder if I would have developed my deep love for all things science fiction. I really can’t say – I suppose no one can tell how they’d turn out if they’d grown up differently. At any rate, I thank him. Star Trek taught me a very important lesson.Star_Trek_Shatner_Nimoy_Kirk_Spock

We must boldly go where no man has gone before.

Well, man or woman – or in the New Generation version – where no ONE has gone before. (Although I’ve never liked that change – everybody knew Kirk meant “man” in the general “mankind” sense, for Pete’s Sake).

At any rate, I must boldly go where I have never gone before. Got it.

Remembering this lesson, I made a decision this week to do just that. To boldly go…into small business.

Somehow that doesn’t sound as exciting as adventuring in the cosmos. But since the guys at NASA haven’t figured out safe interstellar travel yet…

I’ve decided to provide longarm quilting services for clients. I love, love, love quilting, and I although I am still a newbie, I have been practicing longarm quilting for a year and a half now and have produced 25+ quilts. I know I can do beautiful quilting that will make clients happy.SHQ_business_card

If you are in need of a longarm quilter, or just curious about what I offer, check out the new Longarm Quilting Services page on my blog/website. You’ll find sample pictures and pricing information.

If by chance you live out of state and want to mail me your quilt top – check out the Longarm Quilting Services page first, then go to the Contact Me page of my site and send me an email so we can work out the shipping details.

Meanwhile, I am going back to my Star Trek marathon. Beam me up, Scotty!

3 thoughts on “To Boldly Go”

  1. You are brave but what have you got to lose? There will probably be enough people that love what you do to keep you busier than you want to be and there will be those that will grumble and complain. I know some of those people and they complain about everything so take it with a grain of salt. As for Star Trek, I must have caught the re-runs because I know I didn’t have time to watch television in the late 60’s. I too, developed a fondness for science fiction. My kids were into it so I had lots of exposure. You will do very well with your business so go for it and enjoy.


  2. My hats off to you, Stacey for being bold. I should say, it’s high time you did that. I just love all the positive energy you exude. It shows through in your writing. All the best to your newest venture!

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