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Lunch with a Kennedy

I do not remember President Kennedy. I have, of course, seen photos, and read about his administration. But I wasn’t yet born when Jack campaigned in West Virginia, or when Jackie wowed everyone with her fabulous fashion sense. I did not get to sample any of the fancy French cuisine so famously prepared for the Kennedy White House lunches. I cannot tell you where I was when the President was assassinated.

Frankly, I’m not sorry that I missed it.

The old Kennedy lifestyle of fancy food, elegant parties, heavy drinking, and shenanigans doesn’t appeal to me. I like parties anchored by casual meals, with good friends and family around a small table, telling stories, laughing. Those parties don’t happen often at my house, a few times a year at most – which makes them even more precious.

And so, it may surprise you to know that all this past week, I have been having lunch with a Kennedy.

I didn’t even have to put my fancy pants on.

I’ve been hanging out at my kitchen table, sharing my PB&J with Lori Kennedy, author of Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3. If you don’t know who Lori Kennedy is, check out her website and blog. In addition to teaching and writing books, she also writes a column for American Quilter magazine.17-IMG_3402

If you like free-motion quilting, you will love her designs. She whimsically doodles with thread, that’s the easiest way to explain her work. Whimsy! What a great word. I love it. The book is chock-full of fun quilting motifs and ideas for using your thread pictures in quilts.

Since I’ve been spending so much time with Ms. Kennedy, I’ve been inspired to try some of her designs. I love them so much – and I think they are so versatile – I added a couple of them to my design choices for my longarm quilting business.  Click here to see some samples that I made.

But the book is about more than just samples. Lori shares tips and techniques that apply to free motion on a domestic machine as well as longarm quilting. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check it out!

Happy quilting,






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