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Good Beginnings = Happy Endings

What’s the worst job you ever had? You know, the one that just went wrong. Maybe you had an inkling, early on, that it wasn’t going to work, but – you ignored that and jumped in anyway. And you were sorry later.

I’ve had a few jobs like that. They all had one thing in common.

They started badly.

One of my bad beginnings started at the job interview. The salary was too low. I ignored that. (Who needs money, right?). Then, on my first day, no one could tell me who my supervisor was. I also ignored that. (Who needs a supervisor?) Four days in, I walked in to find a co-worker talking on my office phone. I heard her telling the boss that I had stolen a computer and hadn’t shown up for work. (That was harder to ignore – but I managed.) About two months in, another co-worker called and cursed at me until I finally hung up the phone. There was no denying my mistake at that point. I quit soon after.

Bad beginnings almost always have lousy endings. In fact, I can’t think of any time that a rough start has turned out well. Perhaps that is why good beginnings are so important to me. If you start off on the wrong foot, things just go downhill from there.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you may recall that, several weeks ago, I designed my Better Beginnings Quilt. (If you haven’t been following, you can read that blog post here.) My intention was to create a quilt for new quilters – a “first quilt” that taught the basics + some versatile piecing techniques that would allow the quilter to continue on to more complex patterns with confidence.

Here’s a pic of the initial design:1-3Better Beginnings

The finished top:1-DSC_0907

And now! The quilted version. 🙂


I made a couple of slight changes to the design – I rotated the checkerboard blocks to make a white corner around the orange middle blocks. And I did yellow borders instead of blue.

I love how sunny the quilt turned out with all the yellow! I did the back in contrasting light blue. Together they look like a happy summer day.

I had intended to quilt it with simple Doodle Loops, but you know – when I had it on the longarm frame, I just suddenly wanted to do squares. So, I did a Box Maze pattern instead. I like the modern look of the boxes – I don’t do them often on my own quilts, so it’s different. It will look good on my wall.

Writing the pattern for this quilt was the biggest challenge of this project. (Although doing the darned flying geese was a very close second. Read more about that titanic struggle here.) I have a lot of ideas for quilts, and I’d like to get into designing patterns to sell. So this little slip of a quilt was good practice at both designing and pattern making.

Despite the challenges, I enjoyed working on Better Beginnings this last month. I didn’t finish writing the pattern yet, but I got a good start – and a good beginning is always a good omen, right? If a bad beginning = a lousy ending, then a good beginning = happy ending.

That’s what I’m betting on, anyway.

Happy Quilting! Have a peaceful weekend.







3 thoughts on “Good Beginnings = Happy Endings”

  1. That looks like a great first quilt. Writing the directions would be the hard part for me. Understanding them, even harder. You did a wonderful job of it. I’ve had a lot of jobs too. Most start out easy enough and go steadily downhill. Maybe I’m not as aware when things are going off the rails or just in denial. 😉 You’ve really had your share of some interesting work experiences! Wow! I can see how that ties into quilting though. 🙂


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