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The Little Shop

“Oh look down there! You’ve got a little shop. I love a little shop.” – Doctor Who* I love a little shop, too! So...I recently opened a little Etsy Shop to sell a few of the things I’ve made. I love wall quilts with personality, so those are my first listings. I also do custom… Continue reading The Little Shop

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Batty Bindings

The quilt shop door jingle-jangled as I pushed it open with my back and rolled through, clutching a big bag of fabric to my chest. A small lady, heading the opposite direction, started to squeeze by me, then backed off. I was taking up the whole doorway. I smiled, apologized, and held the door open… Continue reading Batty Bindings

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A Hasty Retreat

Last week, I attended my first ever quilt retreat. Before I left, I was trying to squeeze in some time to write my usual Friday blog post. It didn’t happen. Why? Because hasty writing = writer’s block. My first thoughts about the word “retreat” were of the phrase “hasty retreat.” This fit my thoughts about… Continue reading A Hasty Retreat