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Death of a laptop

It’s funny how interconnected the habits of my life are.

Case in point: my laptop. It died, rather unceremoniously, just before Thanksgiving. My computer fix-it guy said the motherboard was fried.

Being a mother, in the middle of the holiday season, I could sympathize.

When Mr. Fix-It told me how much it would be to repair the thing, my sympathy turned to simmering anger. The laptop, just barely two years old, would cost me over $350 to fix. About half the cost of a moderately awesome, brand-new computer!

No thanks, I said. I’ll just get a new one.

I took the useless box home, though, in case I change my mind. That has not happened. I’m mad at technology.


The interesting part of this experience has been how the death of my laptop has created an ennui of sorts. I find that I am (almost) completely disinterested in writing without that laptop. And since I usually write about quilts, I also find that I am (almost) completely disinterested in quilting. And since I’ve not been writing or quilting, I’ve been (almost) completely bored in my spare time.

I find that curious.

What was it about that laptop? Did it have some magical hold on me that I didn’t understand? How on earth has the lack of it zapped me of quilting energy? Have I broken some strange web of invisible thread that links my writing habits to my quilting hobby?

And then, I remembered.

It’s just January.

The death of the laptop has just magnified the January-ness.

The holidays are over. I’m tired of shopping, wrapping, cooking, parties, visits. The weather is yucky. The mornings and afternoons are dark. I have that feeling you get when you are in between projects. One is over, and the next has yet to begin.

I am tempted to force myself to start something new. Or to finish something old. But, you know what?

I’m not going to. I am going to hang out in the ennui for a bit longer, and see what happens. It may be boring, but it is also quite restful. 😊

Wishing peace for you in this New Year,


8 thoughts on “Death of a laptop”

  1. Hi Stacey,
    Oh my goodness! As I’m reading your post and chuckling (fried mother board – HAHA – but not really funny), I am shaking my head along with you. And my laptop isn’t fried and still works well. I have had no interest in sewing this month at all, especially this week. I forced myself to cut SIX 2.5″ x 10.5″ strips Wednesday evening. I took me an hour to do so because I cut one strip 3″ and then had to trim all the rectangles. They are cut but I didn’t sew them on the blocks – they are safely sitting next to the sewing machine should I find inspiration. I did not know there was a January slowdown or January-ness. I am so glad you pointed that out today. It’s not JUST ME. I have been in the ennui as well – not reading, not really doing anything productive at all.

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    1. Oh my goodness, that is definitely some fabric cutting ennui at work, my friend! I’m glad you made it through. Now get yourself some chocolate and a nap – you can’t possibly be thinking of sewing that stuff. 🙂 LOL Spring is coming – just hang in there and know that I am with you in spirit!

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  2. This post is priceless. Frame it!!! I know the feeling and it does come on in January. I called it hibernation time. I just can’t seem to start the next thing either. It just glares at me but your vocabulary for this is so much fun that I rather like the ennui myself now. Had to look that one up. 🙂 I just went through the laptop thing in the fall. What a sad thing that we have been forced to depend on them but they open the world for us. Maybe I’ll frame this post. :))

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t say I put much work into it, sadly…but you read the post so I’m sure you get it. LOL Sigh. I ordered a new laptop (actually, a new-old one; refurbished) but it hasn’t come yet because….all the snow has delayed it’s delivery. 🙂 If it ain’t divine intervention, calling me to nap and read books, I don’t know what it is!

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  3. “January-ness” is a reaction to (what you noted) the rush-ness of the just completed holiday season (2+ months?) that triggers the appropriate amount of adrenaline needed to complete the tasks at hand but, as we all know(?), life cannot be lived at that level so there follows an equal, and opposite, reaction time (law of physics?) that must come. Go with it but know that it must end. Eat a fresh salad. Bring out some beautiful floral fabrics. Brew some excellent coffee/tea. Enter into the world of your fave author………and, when re-charged, “quilter’s block” will fade as the days lengthen and the seed catalogs reaffirm that, yes, Spring is coming!!!! Hugs………………


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