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Your Lucky Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about quilt math lately – particularly the “How much will it cost me to get this thing quilted?” question. This question halts many a good quilter. Quilts aren’t cheap to make.

On top of the expense, longarm quilting rates are confusing and frankly, annoying. If you quilt, you probably know what I’m talking about: the typical “square inches x cents per inch” formula.

Lucky for you, I have a solution. I call it Easy Peasy, Flat Fee, Unbelievable, Labor Pricing.

Or I would call it that, if it had a “ring” to it, but it doesn’t.

So how about: Lucky Day Pricing? Because you will feel like it’s definitely your lucky day.

I’ve eliminated the formula for my quilting services. Labor costs are now all flat fees, and on top of that, I’ve reduced prices. A full/queen size quilt is now $95! A throw quilt? $50.

Other charges may apply, of course: Thread/needle fee ($8), batting ($35, or bring your own), binding (optional).

But a basic queen sized quilt, plus batting and thread fee is now as low as $110 (tax included). Find the details on my website.

If your go-to quilter can beat that, great! Keep that lady busy. There’s nothing better than getting a good deal for good service.

But if not – give me a call. Even if you add shipping costs to your total, it’s a great deal.

Happy quilting!

Stacey Holley








3 thoughts on “Your Lucky Day”

  1. I’ve never had a top quilted, yet. If I ever do, I’ll have a better idea if I’m getting a good price. I’m not a fancy quilter and barely a novice. Math is the one reason I almost didn’t try quilting. Numbers dance in circles in my head. You have figured out the easier way to price things and that would work for me. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad it’s helpful to you. I’m just getting my business started. I like to keep prices low because- I love it when nice things don’t cost too much! And I figure most folks are like me. Do you hand quilt, Marlene? I’d like to spend some time practicing my hand quilting skills.

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      1. No hand quilting here though I have often thought it would be nice. I struggle with vision so it’s all machine done very carefully. Good thing I’m not entering any contests. 🙂 You will do well with your business.

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