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Fresh Squeezed

Many years ago, I discovered the secret to a happy life.

Always be tired.

At first glance, that doesn’t seem like a secret. And it doesn’t seem like something that would make you happy. In fact, it used to make me very, very, sad. I was confused. No one had told me that being an adult was so exhausting.

Because I was confused, and I tend to talk until I understand things, I talked about my tiredness to anyone who would listen. I’m sure I was a big hit at the office. Then one day, I realized a solution to my tiredness.

I stopped expecting to feel anything BUT tired.

I know I say this a lot, but it’s so true: perspective is everything. Once I embraced my tiredness as evidence of a well-lived life, it set me free.

Free to squeeze everything in!

My mom always says, “You make time for the things that are important to you.” As always, Mom is right. I’ve found that I can squeeze in so many things, every day, that I go to sleep happy and exhausted every night.

Everything I want to do, and everything I need to do, I squeeze it all in. Somehow, it all gets done.

Last week, while I was waiting for some batting and fabric orders to arrive by mail, I decided to squeeze in some quilting on the table runners from the Mincing & Piecing post last month. I intended to get them all quilted, lickety-split, with a fast meander, nothing fancy.

But then I cracked and got fancy!

Custom quilting is my joy, and I especially like the added detail on small items like table runners. It makes a utilitarian item special. And it’s a great opportunity to practice new designs. But it takes time, so I could only finish one table runner. The rest (and the binding) will have to wait for another squeeze opportunity.

Here’s the result. Fresh and fun, I think!






Here’s to a well-lived, exhausting life!



4 thoughts on “Fresh Squeezed”

  1. I love the quilting on your table runner. It’s wonderful that it’s such a enjoyable outlet for you. I must add a word of caution here. You are still young enough to not be very concerned and I agree that going to bed tired from a full and fulfilling day is key in happiness. But when fatigue is chronic and doesn’t go away with rest, take time to evaluate if something else is going on in the physical area. When I stopped having the energy to do the things I love doing, I finally conceded to see my doctor. No amount of rest is going to fix this so at least I know now to get my priorities straight and squeeze in only the highest on that priority list. So far, visiting such uplifting blogs like yours is still on that list. Looking for the next squeeze. 🙂 This one was outstanding along with the play one words.

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    1. Good advice, Marlene. You are so right – if you are unusually and persistently tired, and lose interest in things you used to love, that’s a definite red flag that something is wrong and you should get to the doc ASAP. But of course, in the post I’m just talking about “busy life” tired, not “time to see the doc” tired. Glad you liked the squeeze! Thanks for your comments.

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