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Quilts of Summer

It used to seem backwards to me that summer is a busy time for quilters. After all, summer is hot; quilts are for cold weather. Summer is for outdoors activity! Winter is for sewing indoors with a nice cup of cocoa. Quilting and summer just don’t go together.

Then I became a quilter myself. Now I get it – quilts are usually gifts of love. Gifts of love are typically offered during the season of profound love: Christmas.

Christmas, as you may have heard, is celebrated in December. Winter, for those of us in the United States.

Quilters who have been at it awhile know that you have to plan ahead if you want those quilts done and wrapped in time to place under a Christmas tree on December 24. These smart folks get their quilt tops to their longarm quilters by summer to ensure that holiday finish.

And so it is that I found myself quite busy this summer. I’ve only been quilting for customers since last November, so this is my first summer rush! Very exciting. I was busy with a capital B – but also super excited to meet a bunch of new quilting friends from all over the country. It’s so fun to hear all their stories!

Here’s a peek at some of the summer finishes. What a fun and creative bunch of quilts. Enjoy! I know I did.


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