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Wedding Dress, Baby!

What is it about a wedding dress that is so mesmerizing? I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame, and for what? Really, aren’t they just a little bit crazy? Blowing your hard-earned cash on a garment that has no place in your weekly outfit rotation seems crazy, crazy. I occasionally watch Say Yes to the Dress and shake my head at all those brides that somehow think the “perfect” dress will make them whole.

Side note, for the record: only God can make you whole. Just sayin.

The perfect wedding won’t matter diddly-squat in terms of setting up you up for a good marriage, either. So why do I gaze longingly at the dresses? All that slippery, shiny, beautiful satin with lace or without, big bell skirts, straight sheaths, bows, buttons…sigh.

Wonder if I can get my husband to marry me again, just so I can buy a new dress? I guess I’d better wait for a really good day to ask that!

I was thinking about all this the other day, and I remembered why the wedding dress is so important. It isn’t the dress, it’s the symbol.

My husband Adam and I met in college and quickly became inseparable. He was, and still is, my best friend. When it came time to pick out my wedding dress, I poured over wedding magazines for weeks until I found a few contenders. Naturally, when I went shopping, he went with me.

I tried on the first dress. It was a beaded, sleeveless sheath with a high neckline. I looked in the mirror, a little disappointed. I didn’t look much like the model in the magazine. I was a little embarrassed to turn and ask Adam what he thought.

How silly.

I turned, and he was looking at me intensely, but tenderly. His kind brown eyes were filled with love. “You look beautiful,” he said, smiling at me. I cried just a little.

I bought that first dress.

This is why wedding dresses matter. The dress holds the memory, serves as a symbol of the love between two people. We want to find the right one, the one that will always remind us that someone finds us beautiful, valuable. To be loved, truly loved, is profound and life changing.

This is why I took on my latest project: an heirloom baby quilt, made from the grandma-to-be’s wedding dress. I’ve never worked with satin before, so it was a bit of a challenge. Cutting up a wedding dress is more daunting than I’d thought. But so far, so good. Here is the finished quilt top:

pre-quilting wedding dress baby quilt 2

Sorry the images aren’t super – satin seems hard to light correctly!

pre-quilting wedding dress baby quilt 3

The embroidery design in the center block was chosen by the grandma-to-be. It is a family tree, you see, anchored by a heart. Perfect for a wedding dress quilt! The white sections of the quilt and the lace appliques are all from the wedding dress.

The blue is because the new joy in this family – this family anchored by love – is a baby boy.

I’ve just started on the quilting. I’ll post more pictures when it’s done. And if Adam ever lets me buy more wedding dresses, I’ll let you know.

Peace and love to you and yours,



8 thoughts on “Wedding Dress, Baby!”

  1. Wow!!! Just wow!! Yes I agree wedding dresses are so mesmerizing and since I was a little girl I was fascinated (so of obsessed) with them. That is an amazing wedding dress you worked with on that quilt and that is some awesome creative recycling!

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  2. Oh, Stacy, That’s absolutely stunning! My dress wasn’t properly cleaned and stored by the cleaner I took it to, 😦 so the fabric wasn’t salvagable. But, the lace was still beautiful and I was able to remove and save it. Your breath-taking quilt has inspired me to use the lace. Thanks!

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  3. That is stunning!!!! Did you embroider the center tree and heart by hand? I do love it. You are absolutely right about the meaning of the dress. I never saw the one I wore after the wedding. I finally found a few photos of the day and got a small glimpse of what it looked like. You are fortunate. The dress really doesn’t matter if you are with someone who really loves you in return. Looking forward to seeing the next post. Catching up here. 😉

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