Hi! I’m Stacey Holley. I am a Newbie Quilter.

I started quilting in 2015 and was immediately hooked. I love every part of the quilt making process: designing , piecing, and quilting. I quilt by hand and machine: small (domestic size) and large (longarm).

Since I’m still a Newbie Quilter myself, I started this website as a blog to document my quilting journey and to share what I’ve learned with other Newbies. Hey – who knows? I might have a tip or two for the experienced quilters, too. Fresh eyes on an old problem can be very useful.

In my quilting experience, I’ve found there’s always a question I have that I can’t find an answer for. That will be my focus in the blog – telling you what questions I had at each point along the way, and how I got answers. You’ll find links to where I found answers, what I learned from other quilters I know, or – and this seems most likely – what horrible mistake I made that taught me a valuable lesson!

My hope is to give you a friend to chat with about quilting, especially if you don’t have a quilting friend nearby. I do like to chat.

But I’m not always chatting! I also offer Longarm Quilting Services. I’ve been longarm quilting for awhile now, and I offer some beautiful designs that will accentuate your piecing, not detract from it. Sample pictures and pricing information are available on the Longarm Quilting page.

When I’m not quilting or blogging, you can find me baking cookies, reading, or binge watching some awesome sci-fi/fantasy TV show with my husband and kiddos.

Let’s quilt something, friends!