Custom T-Shirt Quilts

A T-shirt quilt is a personal time capsule. A patchwork collage of who someone is, or has been, up to this moment in time. It’s no wonder that T-shirts are so frequently our souvenirs of choice. They are wearable memories. The perfect keepsake.

Do you have a pile of wearable memories (T-shirts, that is) at your house? Pile them in a box, ship them in, and I’ll make you a quilt to remember.

Pricing here is for the full quilt: cutting shirts to size, stabilizing the T-shirt material, sewing the top together, purchase of batting and backing, longarm quilting (meander) and binding. If you have completed your quilt top yourself, regular longarm quilting charges apply.

Style: Unless specified, I will do a collage-style as seen in the picture above. However, I’m happy to cut all the blocks to uniform size and quilt with or without sashing, as you wish.

Quilt Sizes & Cost: 50% of cost is due before quilting starts. When the quilt is done, I will notify you and will ship the quilt back to you when the remaining 50% is received.

Queen (36 – 42 T-shirts): $375

Throw (about 16 T-shirts): $325

(Non-optional) Return Shipping: $10

(Optional) Custom Quilt Label: $5

Contact me for shipping address and other details: or find me on Facebook.


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