Longarm Quilting Services

I am pleased to announce that I am now providing Longarm Machine Quilting services! All quilting is hand-guided (as opposed to computer guided) and completed in a pet-free, smoke-free studio.

I offer three levels of quilting designs: Simple Meanders, Edge-to-Edge, and Simple Custom quilting.

Design Levels: What’s the difference?

  • Simple Meanders: This level is budget friendly. Choose one of two meandering designs (Simple Meander or Doodle Loops) applied to the entire quilt top. Both are perfect choices for when you want the piecing design of the quilt to stand out – not the quilting.
  • Edge-to-Edge: Like meanders, Edge to Edge quilting is one design applied to the entire quilt top, but this level offers more complex designs. Available designs are: Silly Daisies (as meander or in a line), Silly Spirals (as meander or in a line), Box Maze, and Modern Lines (wavy or straight).
  • Simple Custom: One Edge-to-Edge design is applied to the center of the quilt, with one separate design in one border. Below are a few of the combinations you can make, but you can use whichever two designs you like.


Pricing: Easy Peasy. Labor + Needle & Thread Fee + Batting = Total Cost (pre-tax).

Labor: Cost is based on the size of your quilt in square inches. To determine your size, measure the length and width of your quilt and compute as follows:

Example:  Length 90 sq. in. X Width 100 sq. in. = 9000 sq. in.

Multiply the total square inches by the rate shown in the table below to get an estimate of your labor cost. I’ll measure again before I start, and let you know the exact cost.

Here are some pricing examples:
Note: Your quilt MUST be measured; the labor costs in the table below are just estimates to be used as an example for your planning.

Labor Cost
$0.015/sq in $0.02/sq in $0.03/sq in
Quilt Size Total Sq. Inches Simple Meanders
Edge to Edge
Simple Custom
Baby 1350 $20 $27 $41
Throw 4225 $63 $85 $127
Twin 5500 $83 $110 $165
Full 6800 $102 $136 $204
Queen 9000 $135 $180 $270
Thread & Needle Fee (all quilts) $8  $8 $8
Batting (optional) $30  $30 $30

Thread & Needle Fee: covers cost of needles and thread. I use either Superior So Fine! (50 wt) or Glide (40 wt) thread. Cost here is for white or off white thread. Additional colors can be used, but will have an additional cost. I use the same thread for top and bobbin.

Batting: Bring your own, or I will provide Hobbs 80/20 or Hobbs PolyDown, whichever you prefer, for a charge of $30. If you bring your own batting, be advised that some  batting does not hold up to longarm machine quilting. If you are unsure that your batting choice will work, contact me and ask. I’ll be happy to help guide your purchase.


Quilt Top: Please prepare your quilt top by squaring it up, snipping all long thread tails from the backside, and pressing.

Backing: Clients must supply their own quilt backing. Backing needs to be a minimum of 8″ wider and 8″ longer than the quilt top. If you piece together your backing fabric, I recommend you use a seam allowance BIGGER than the standard 1/4″ piecing seam. A 1/2″ seam works well. Press backing seams open to reduce bulk – this helps keep things nice and straight.

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. I can’t wait to see your quilt!





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